The offices of a business make the first impression to customers so it’s imperative that they create an image which is reflective of the owners.  Not only do they need to look good, but also meet the strict return on investment criteria and be low maintenance.  We have worked over the years with all aspects of commercial work including: fit outs to top retail departments in the CBD, upgrades of top banking offices and board rooms, back to base demolition of high rise buildings and maintenance to top luxury stores.   We have also worked in various high security premises, including the Sydney Airport, Silverwater jail, ANZ banks and high rise offices.

We have been fortunate enough to work on Sydney’s most iconic and historical building, the Sydney Opera House.  We have carried out upgrade projects within the Utzon Room, upgrading every theatres Usher seats, and upgrade work to the iconic exterior.  We were selected because of our ability to work with the onsite architect and create cutting edge designs which would stand the test of time.

As our skills lie in our ability to work with any building issue within set project timelines and pricing, Boden Builders is the company to use for insurance works.  We are able to quickly provide the insurer with a clear picture of what the current damage/issue is and the steps required to rectify.  As we have the internal skills and an extensive contractor connections to complete any sized projects, we effectively become a one stop shop and point of contact for the insurer.   We are the building provider for all insurance jobs, including all major and minor claims for residential and commercial buildings

Boden Builders has over 25 years has built an unparalleled reputation within the strata sector for remedial works.  What sets us apart is that we are 3rd generation builders who have built apartment blocks so that we understand what can go wrong, how it will go wrong and how to rectify it so that the problem never eventuates again.    As Boden Builders has completed many apartment developments, we understand that all repairs and upgrades must provide commercial benefit, to both the current owners and also for the new buyers.  We also have proved our skill in design is highly desirable through the success of our own commercial developments.  As the 2014 MBA winners in Unit Block Renovations, we are the only company you should trust with your Strata seeing we are one of New South Wales’ best.

We have always taken a very hands on approach with design, with the majority being created by our passion for timeless quality mixed with today’s current fixtures and fittings.  We have worked with top architects and design teams to ensure the finish product not only is asthetically pleasing, but flows in a natural manner.  We have even created our own paint colour which continues to wow buyers.